Supply List


3 packs crayons (8 count)

2 containers baby wipes

2 glue sticks

2 bottles of glue

1 pack of pencils

clear backpack (labeled with first and last name)

2 dry erase markers

1 spiral notebook (70 or 100 pages)

girls: box of tissue

boys: box of ziplock bags

Please do not send pencil boxes or folders


First Grade

Crayons (16 or 24 count only)

#2 pencils (dozen)

4 glue sticks


large eraser

3 solid color folders (any color) with pockets and fasteners

3 one-subject sprial notebooks (70 sheets)

looseleaf notebook paper (wide ruled)

3 boxes of tissue

girls:quart box of ziplock bags

boys:gallon box of ziplock bags

2 bottles antibacterial hand gel (not soap)

please do not send scissors


Second Grade

 #2 Pencils 1 package of 12

Binder-1 inch

notebook paper


4 color folders with fasteners

2 boxes of tissue

ziplock bags (gallon)



crayons (16 count)

3 spiral notebooks

index cards- 1 package

Band aids

antibacterial gel

Flash cards (addition and subtraction)


Thirde Grade

crayons (16 count)

#2 pencils-1 package of 12

glue sticks

6 solid color folders with pockets and fasteners looseleaf notebook paper 200 count

2 pkgs index cards (3x5)

large eraser

2 boxes of tissues

box of ziplock bags (quart size)

box of band aids (all one size)

4 dry erase markers (different Colors)

2 highlighters

4 spiral notebooks (single subject notebook)

Flash cards (addition,Subtraction and multiplication


Fourth grade

#2 pencils-2 packages

looseleaf notebook paper (wide-lined)

2 boxes tissues

4 spiral notebooks

1 three ring binder

5 folders (not ring binders)

5 dividers (one package)

crayons or markers

graph paper


hand sanitizer

Flash cards (multiplication and division


Fifth Grade

crayons or markers (16 count)

#2 pencils with cap erasers


glue sticks (no bottles of liquid glue)

notebook paper (college ruled)

ballpoint pens (blue or black ink)

ruler,marked with inches and centimeters

2 boxes of tissues


5 folders with pockets and fasteners

4 wide dry erase markers (2 packs)

4 spiral notebooks

bottle of hand santizer

Please, no rolling bags (they need to fasten behind chairs) and no mechanical pencils